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Like something out of science fiction, virtual reality throughout all time has been thought of as this figment of our imagination. Something that was always talked about but never an immediate reality. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s we spent more time watching movies about fictitious worlds where virtual reality existed. I think everyone in those days knew “one day…”

In those days we were waiting patiently for an opportunity such as this one; where a blogger can man his keyboard and write about all of the virtual reality video games they dreamed of as a child.

I truly believe that my love for virtual reality manifests itself from the pop culture I got to experience as an impressionable child.

As the owner of this blog, I am excited to introduce to you many different facets of the virtual reality industry. To start off our blog in the right direction, we’re going to hone a focus on virtual reality video games.

Virtual reality video games are starting to take the market by storm. The only problem with this is that virtual reality as an industry is still in beta. This basically means that most VR games are untested beginnings to something that has the full potential of becoming an amazing product.

Our blog aims to size up all VR games and entertainment for consumers to make an educated decision before they buy. At Avenger VR, we aim to go straight to the truth. We always want to make sure that our video game reviews are honest and valuable to our readers.

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