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Virtual Reality Skyrim (Review)

Virtual Reality Skyrim Review

I know that you all are probably wondering what this no name blog is about, but rest assure that I’m working on getting more content up for you guys to take advantage of. I also have a Youtube channel in the works, but until I get a camera that satisfies my picky needs, everyone is going to have to settle for my blog on virtual reality and gaming in general.

Skyrim has a special place in all of our hearts and with the open world possibilities and mods, it’s no wonder it’s a gammers favorite, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Bethesda released virtual reality Skyrim.

After some in depth play, risking my marriage by ditching my wife on date night and many frozen pizza’s I have come up with a short list of pros and cons about this game that I like. I also want to note that I haven’t finished the game, so there could be some aspects that I’m missing out on.

VR Adjustments (CON)

Obviously with any virtual reality head set that you purchase there is going to be a level of discomfort associated with the device you’re using, and in this case that’s the PSVR.

I only felt like this was worth noting because when I’m using the move controllers, I feel myself being more jumpy and easily excited, so obviously I would have a more exaggerated range of motion. I constantly felt my PSVR falling off of my face because I was really viscous with my hacking and slashing. I guess this experience may very depending on how excited you get during the game.

Immersiveness (PRO)

Bethesda has always been pretty consistent with it’s stunning views and scenery in their open world video games such as Fall Out and Elder Scrolls. For Bethesda, it made sense for them to pursue a virtual realty edition for arguably the best Elder Scrolls video game ever made, Skyrim.

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I know it sounds stupid, but I literally found myself stopping outside of some of the keeps that were located in or on the face of a mountain just so I could look around. Usually when I stop to look in a video game, I’m not exactly doing it for fun, I’m trying to find loot, but in this instance, I was genuinely taken away by the sights and sounds.

Mechanics (CON)*

I know that virtual reality has a long way to go, but all things considered, Bethesda genuinely tried with what they were given. I wasn’t exactly happy with the route the developers went with shooting a bow and arrow, but it goes to say that you now have to have some serious aiming skills to hit that dear from 30 yards away. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I also didn’t really like how my swords and staffs would get in the way and twirl around with my hands, but in all honesty that is me being really picky. It looked cartoony and took away from the experience.

*This con is really limited to using the PS Move controllers and is easily fixed by using the controller.

Physical Controls (PRO)

This is honestly gong to be short and to the point, but obviously the cons that I pointed out in the mechanics area can be thwarted by simply changing from Move controls to a PS controller. This is great, because you get that classic feel of a PS controller with the all encompassing action that comes with the virtual reality.

Magica Abilities (PRO!!)

Do you see those two exclamation marks next to the word “pro”? That wasn’t done on accident. When I start a new character on Skyrim, I always have an idea of what kind of warrior I want to be. My first character I made was intended to be a rogue, but after I found out that the PS Move controller sucked for bows and arrows, I quickly discovered how incredible it was to use your magica powers. I was chucking fireballs in every single direction and felt like a mad man.

The entire experience was different from what I was use to because in recent games you could only shoot spells in one direction.  Now your hands in this game work independently from each other, you can hit two different targets at the same time without them being anywhere near each other. CHUCKING SPELLS FTW!

Suspense (PRO)

I have played countless hours of Skyrim on both the Xbox One and PlayStation and I cannot recall a time where I was terrified from a dragon landing right behind me. I had this one instance outside of Whiterun where that exact situation happened and I literally fell to my knees I was so scared.

That damn dragon casted a Thum right as I turned around and noticed him. That had to of been the scariest moment I’ve ever had while playing my VR and I’ve played some pretty scary video games before. That moment was both hilarious and scary at the same time.

Tunnel Vision (PRO)

I don’t know if you the reader are a seasoned virtual reality player or if you’re just curious if virtual reality is right for you and you’re doing a bit of research, but there are some draw backs to it. I tend to have an iron stomach and by no stretch of the imagination do I get motion sickness at all, but when I use VR, it’s kind of an issue for me.

I’m noting the tunnel vision setting on virtual reality Skyrim, because it helps with that nausea that I get. It’s weird. I never get motion sickness unless I’m playing a virtual reality game.

No Mod Support (CON AS F***)

I get it guys. I really do. But what he f***?! Why the hell not, Bethesda?! YOU HAVE LITERALLY RECYCLED THIS GAME 3 TIMES NOW! You would think that after doing that to us that they would spit out a virtual reality Skyrim with some damn mods, but NO! They failed us and took it away!

As someone who plays video games I can understand up to a point. We are now dealing with virtual reality controls and there are new physical rules to a virtual reality skyrim that we’re not use to. This means that we have to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately for us the consumers, this means that we do not have the opportunity for mod support.

I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to deliver it. Like I both understand and do not understand at the same time. The move controllers are a hurdle for modders, and I get that, but that just means they have to mod using the original PlayStation controller. Whatever.. Idgaf.

Virtual Reality Skyrim Overview 1.5 out of 5

Virtual Reality Skyrim


This is the part where I say great things about virtual reality Skyrim, but I honestly have nothing great to say, and if you follow that link that I put out above, you’re going to realize that virtual reality has a long ways to go. Still, we are a blog on virtual reality and video game entertainment, that being said, I’m going to loyally stick by virtual reality knowing that one day it will be made close to perfection.

Until then, I’m going to have to give this video game a 1.5 out of 5. It’s hard for me to stick by this purchase, but I will continue to purchase video games and virtual reality equipment because I genuinely believe that I’m voting with my dollar. I want to see virtual reality technology improve exponentially over the next 3 years and unfortunately that means buying half assed video games like virtual reality Skyrim. Sorry Bethesda, but you’ve been on a sorry streak of let downs.

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