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PSVR – A Robust Virtual Reality Option


PSVR has recently been making its mark which means it’s going to have flaws, but as PlayStation Virtual reality grows, Sony hopes to minimize consumer issues and increase the overlining experience.


The PSVR has been gaining traction in the VR community for many reasons. Starting with affordability, the PSVR is, for the most part, outshining the competition at lower costs for nearly the SAME quality as a computer based VR system. This is a huge plus to the gaming community because you can have a VR system for $500. That’s a savings of more than $1,000!

Speaking of the gaming community, the PSVR provides a promising selection of good games which is to be expected of a VR system that is powered by PlayStation. PSVR will likely be accredited in leading the charge for other consoles to add such features. If console gaming goes in the direction of VR, competitors will likely need to create phenomenal gaming content, along with keeping costs for any virtual reality console feature low without sacrificing quality. PSVR has the potential of being a catalyst for VR gaming and I’m excited to see what they do in the future for console gaming!

One of the worries though for an affordable VR game is that the quality of the visuals would be quite low. Fortunately, PSVR, as I mentioned earlier has nearly the same quality as most other expensive VR systems such as the HTC Vive. Other VR’s require you to buy an expensive performance computer to even operate their system. Though PSVR isn’t anywhere near perfect, it comes very close in quality and in such updates as v2.4 and thereon, this will only improve performance and quality overall. admittedly these are baby steps, but in the right direction.

As exciting as PSVR is it doesn’t come without a few faults. The biggest one right now is the fact that you will need to purchase a PlayStation Camera if you don’t already have one and their Move Controllers to get the full experience.

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle – $499.99

Another slight fault is a few people have reported that it simply lets in too much light through the headset when worn. Although this may seem minor, it could detour people from purchasing PSVR. For what you pay for PSVR, it’s a problem that should be fixed.

Also on the list of complaints is poor motion controller tracking. This is yet another feature that needs to be addressed, and again if one is going to shell out extra money for the full experience they do not want to be greeted with disappointing motion control, or lack thereof.

PSVR can handle 1080p games on its 920xRGBx1080 OLED display at either 90Hz depending on the VR game or application. In terms of latency, Sony says that PSVR’s response rate is at around 18ms, which is about 0.002 seconds faster than the highest acceptable latency before you would notice the lag in VR.

PSVR is sold in a couple of different ways:

  • PSVR Standard Package includes:

-PSVR system, headphones and all cabling required for $399/ 399 Euros/ AUD $549.

  • PSVR Launch Bundle includes:

-PSVR system, PlayStation Camera, 2 PlayStation Motion Controllers, and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds for $499/ 399 Euros/ AUD 655


Overall the PSVR is an incredible advancement! Not just in technology, but in Gaming history. Sony announced that it would release 50 new titles before the end of the year and that’s just to start! Here are some of the best games our right now for PSVR and stay tuned as we soon reveal our segment on PSVR PRO! Here we will get together and talk about the improvements Sony has made following its original release!


If you would like to know how PSVR works check out this video here:

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